Honoree Resources

Honoree Resources For The Year 2019

At INDIA 5000, our objective is to give maximum benefits to our clients. Take maximum benefits of the rewards that INDIA 5000 gives to you!

To All the 2018 INDIA 5000 Honorees,

Congratulations to you as well as your company for making it to the 2018 INDIA 5000 list.

INDIA 5000 welcomes the private companies in India who are searching for quality excellence and this year’s bunch of winners has placed the standard extremely high. Companies, who have made into this list, have grown significantly in the last year.

As an INDIA 5000 honoree, you are sharing an aristocratic place with notable alumni. Additionally, the class of 2018 consists of superior companies. In short, you are in a good circle!

Welcome to an exclusive club of INDIA 5000 Business and MSME Awards!

Congratulations again and we wish you great success in the years to come!

Best Regards
INDIA 5000 Awards

Press Release

To assist you in spreading the update of your achievements, INDIA 5000 provides you a free ready-made Press Release Template. You can enter the required information and that’s it, your Press Release is ready to go! We will also provide the list of top PR websites where you can submit your Press Release.

For 2018 INDIA 5000 companies:

Download the press release template for INDIA 5000 honorees (in MS Word format)

Start your press release distribution


For all the questions related to INDIA 5000, contact us at [email protected].

Product Recognition & Marketing

Congratulations, you are in the elite club of INDIA 5000 list! So, it's your job to make the most of it! Exclusively made for INDIA 5000 honorees, take complete benefit of your achievements with our customized product recognition and marketing tools designed to promote and maximize separate business achievements.

Resources related to Award Kit & Logo License, Animated Logo, Animated Trophy, Soft Copy Banners, Promotional Video and other items will be published soon!

INDIA 5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony

You have made in the list! Now It's Your Turn to Reserve Your Seat!

Join other INDIA 5000 Honorees at the INDIA 5000 Conference & Award Ceremony, where you can enjoy networking, learning, and celebrations with the leaders from all corners of India. Be there personally to accept all the awards. Do some team building stuff and have great fun because these are your business milestones that worth celebrating!

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10 Ways to Use Your Marketing Material to Create a Brand Value

  1. You can broadcast your announcements using social media to let the world know about your achievements.
    1. Share the post regarding winning of India 5000 on your & company social profile. (#India5000Award #MSMEAward you can use tag when you share the post)
    2. You can update the facebook, LinkedIn, twitter profile and cover picture.
    3. You can share the winner page on social media from india5000.com
    4. You can share India 5000 promotional video.
    5. You can use Whatsapp DP & Status

  2. You can add your INDIA 5000 logo to your website as well as other digital materials.
    1. Put India 5000 logo on home page of Website.
    2. Use in Digital Brochure, on soft documents, social media advertisement.
    3. Publish the certificate and awards pictures on your website achievements page .

  3. Email Signature.
    1. You can use India 5000 awards logo or banner.
    2. You can use awards trophy and certificate photo.

  4. You can add the brand value of INDIA 5000 Business Awards to all your advertising materials
    1. Products, Packaging Material, Brochure, Flyers, Visiting Card, Courier documents, Letter Paid, Or Any Physical Stuff.
    2. You can use in all kind of Advertisement.

  5. You can organize an internal celebration in your company so that all the employees feel excited about your winning the award.
    1. If you organized the internal celebration then Share these pictures on social media and let the world know of your achievement. You can also share these pictures with companies official site.

  6. You can put a sign board at your reception as well as other high traffic areas so that the visiting clients or prospects can see it.
    1. Put the standee ads at reception bar. Or at high traffic area in your company.
    2. Use the display winning certificate at receptions bar.

  7. You can use the press release template to the local media as well as trade media however, just ensure that you have added the information how your company is different from others!
    1. Mention regarding environments, company polices vision and mission.
    2. Add it to the news page/blog of your website.

  8. You can also send newsletters to all your clients, followers and vendors to inform them about any news of your company.
    1. You can share your achievements.

  9. You can utilize the INDIA 5000 brand in the personal profiles and bios of your company like the CEO Name and INDIA 5000 entrepreneurs or Company name.
    1. You can use India 5000 brand in your personal or company profile.

  10. You can attend the INDIA 5000 Awards & Conference to do networking with the businessmen and get sharable photos of you accepting the award to get more publicity.
    1. Attend the conference and meet other businessmen and leaders share the ideas and knowledge ,
    2. Get the Photos of you by accepting the award which you can share anywhere you want.

Get the Maximum Out of Social Media

Make your day by sharing the good news on Social Media. Add videos and photos of the celebration with hashtag #INDIA 5000 on any given platform and we will share your posts with our huge followers’ base in all the social media channels. Just go to our social media handlers given below:

India 5000 Business & Individual Nominations Have Started!

You may fill up our nomination form at earliest to get awarded.